Angel Obinim Now ‘Riding’ His Female Church Members Right in Church — VIDEO

Honestly, it’s been a while since we heard of the latest crazy stunt from the church of God’s favourite angel, Bishop Daniel Obinim.

Self-proclaimed ‘Angel’ Obinim’s church is the go-to place for all insane miracles, crazy testimonies and entertaining drama. Watching ‘OBTV’ is more interesting than watching most of the tv stations in Ghana.

If you’ve missed the great Bishop he’s back to his shenanigans in the latest video we’ve spotted out of his church. In the video, Obinim has turned some of his church members into ‘horses’ to ride for his own amusement.

A female church member of Obinim hoists her ‘tundra’ and points it at Obinim, imperceptibly twerking whilst calling him to jump on her. This lady must have received a very impressive miracle from the man of God for her to turn her ‘botors’ towards him so enticingly and ask him to jump on top of her.