Man Who Allegedly Defiled A 10-Yr-Old Girl

Thirty-nine-year-old unemployed Hezekiel Ifanyi is in the grips of the Tema Community One police for allegedly raping a 10-year-old girl. According to residents of Site Two, Tema Community One, Ifanyi is not a permanent resident of the area. They spotted him once in a while in a bad diminutive wooden structure.

A resident told The Chronicle that last Friday afternoon, some of the youth saw Ifanyi dash out of his room with sweat all over his body, as a result, they rushed into the room to see what could have chased him out, only to see a girl of about 10 years, bleeding from her vagina and lying unconscious.

The resident said the Community One police was telephoned to the scene, after the youth had pursued Ifanyi and grabbed him.

A police source at the Community One District Police Station told The Chronicle that Ifanyi Hezekiel allegedly drew the victim into his room and raped her, after he had requested her to take money to buy him a ball of kenkey.

“The suspect said the girl was on her way to the public toilet, so he asked her to come for money to buy him kenkey on her return. When the victim approached him and stretched her hand for the money, the suspect grabbed her by the wrist, carried her into his room, and raped her,” the police source narrated.

The police later searched the suspect’s room and found some ladies’ panties and toilet roll poieces stained with blood, the source said.

The victim, the police source said, was rushed to the Tema General Hospital, where she was later resuscitated and is receiving medical treatment, whilst Ifanyi Hezekiel is being processed for court.