Afoko Brought Bulldogs As His Guards To Meeting

Former Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Haruna Esseku says suspended National Chairman Paul Afoko came to the party’s office one time accompanied by a pack of dogs.That was when he was summoned to appear before the Council of Elders last year, he disclosed.

Afoko was suspended indefinitely after the National Executive Committee (NEC) upheld an overwhelming decision by the Disciplinary Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee took the decision to suspend Mr Afoko after the National Council of Elders in September, wrote to it, demanding amongst others, that Mr. Afoko, be made to step aside until after the 2016 elections.

Speaking exclusively on TV3, the former chairman narrated how Mr. Afoko stormed a meeting arranged by the Council of Elders with dogs he claimed to be his guards.

“Afoko within six months after taking office with Kwabena Agyepong; between the two of them, they had gone to change all the names in our banks. Those who control the finance, they changed them and the two of them became the most senior people to sign the cheques.

“That alone was not considered all that serious. We knew once he was the chairman he would use the money for party purposes but the reports that were coming in didn’t indicate that. “We decided to call him and set a date to meet and advise him quietly but he didn’t come.

“When he did not come one of our elderly ladies gave us a hint that he was holding another NPP meeting at that same moment somewhere in Accra so we called it disrespect for us.

“Then he chose another day to visit us the National Council of Elders which he came followed by dogs.

“We asked our chairman C.K to go and advise him on how to behave when he comes into the office to see us but he came back telling us that he, Afoko, said he couldn’t part with his dogs because they were his guards.

“C.K also said he couldn’t tell us the number because if he did we would be very surprised.

“We asked somebody else to go and see whether he can get him somehow to retire the dogs, he had already gone. So, you can see that nobody is talking in his favor.”

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