Ghana Ranked 5th Democracy In Africa - Prez Mahama

President John Mahama has said Ghana has officially been ranked as the fifth democracy in Africa at the ongoing anti-corruption summit in London.

The feat, according to the President, comes after Ghana was ranked the 53rd in the 2015 prestigious Democracy index. Ghana jumped 15 places from the 2014 ranking.

In a Facebook post Friday, an elated Mahama who is currently at the summit said his government will continue to improve democratic practices in Ghana.

"I participated in the UK-organised anti-corruption summit in London yesterday. Ghana is present at this summit as one of the most successful democracies in Africa, and I had the opportunity to share our story with other leaders and engaged in some media interactions.

"If you didn’t know already, I am happy to inform you that we are now, officially, the fifth democracy in Africa. In the prestigious Democracy Index 2015, we were ranked 53rd in the world, a leap of no less than 15 places since 2014. This significant leap offers others inspiration and hope," the President wrote.

He continued: "Our democratic success in the last four years is - and will continue to be - doubled by our success in the fight against corruption. This summit offers us the opportunity to find new, innovative solutions, and also to showcase the important steps we have been taking to fight corruption.

"For me, it is of paramount importance that we move forward Ghana’s anti-corruption agenda as contained in the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (2015-2024) and our commitments under the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

"Our hard work, our vision and dedication earned us a well-deserved place in the community of nations. Let us all keep moving forward and upwards!".

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