By-Election Violence Can Be Solved Within 72 Hours…. Why Form A Commission? Ato Dadzie Queries

Nana Ato Dadzie, A former Chief of Staff has questioned the motive behind the formation of a Commission for Inquiry to investigate the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election violence when there are immediate ways of finding the perpetrators.

He said even though he does not have any problem with the members in the Commission, ‘we probably have jumped the gun’.

“I have no problem setting up the commission, but I am saying Rome is burning…we shouldn’t joke; vigilantism is a terrible scar on Africa. My business is to draw attention to all of that…if this happens in 2020, we will probably have people carrying their bags and leaving the country,” he indicated.

According to him, “the vehicle we are using to find out what went wrong may take a long time and tedious; yes, it is good, but we have elections next year…we can establish who went there, cars used within 72 hours. The Minister of State in charge of National Security (Bryan Acheampong) has already said he sent them so we can call him to just give us the names and the reason why they went there, why should we set a committee to find out who went there?”

Ato Dadzie who was speaking during a panel discussion on TV3’s ‘The Key Point’ programme, Saturday, said there is the need for Bryan Acheampong, to step aside for investigations to go and ‘if found innocent, he will get his office back’

“He (Bryan Acheampong) cannot remain in office while investigation goes on…he should step down and after the investigation if found innocent, he can come back to office.”