Minority Should Reason Up . . .There’s A Ploy To Silence Them In Parliament - Mornah Alleges

The incidents in Parliament which led to the sacking of Tamale North Member of Parliament, Hon. Alhassan Suhuyini and Hon. Isaac Adongo, Bolgatanga Central from Parliament have been described by PNC National Chairman, Bernard Mornah as a ploy to silence them in the House.

The Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central, Isaac Adongo, recently stormed out of an ongoing probe into circumstances leading to the collapse of seven banks in Ghana.

The MP who is on the Parliamentary Committee on Finance told journalists he would not be part of any omission or commission that sought to cover up certain personalities in the crisis that has hit the banking sector.

And just last week Wednesday, Tamale North Parliamentarian, Alhassan Suhuyini was ordered out of the House amid sharp disagreements in the session.

Bernard Mornah, speaking to these isolated issues, posited that though the Speaker of Parliament may have every right to tell Hon. Suhuyini to walk out, the Minority in Parliament, should be wary, reason up and act together because it is possible the Majority could start singling them and walking them out of Parliament.

“ . . but a party or a group that has solidarity as one of their watched words cannot allow one of their own to be expelled from Parliament and they will sit unconcerned and continue to deliberate in the House. Where is the solidarity among the Minority? And it is not the first time it is happening among the Minority Members . . . Adongo walked out and other members of the Minority sat in. if the Minority don’t reason up together and act together, they will start singling you individually and walking out of Parliament,” he asserted.

He admonished the Minority in Parliament to act swiftly and nib in the bud any ‘agenda’ of the Majority.

You will not make a point in Parliament because anytime you begin to speak, they will see it as disruption and the Speaker will walk you out and your colleagues will sit down because when it affected Suhuyini, you did nothing; when it affected Hon. Adongo, you did not act and as they begin to walk you out individually and singly; it will not be long, they will walk your leader out of Parliament because they will have an agenda that they will want to prosecute without you,” he allegedly stated.