Lady Vera Writes: John Mahama Plus 'Okada' Riding Is Equal To ‘Mortuary’

It is very sad to note that a former President, a former Vice President whose party governed Ghana for eight solid years, exited less than four years ago and seeking to be voted for again thinks that the best policy to develop our Zongo's, deprived areas and job creation is "Okada" riding and construction of mortuaries in all Zongo communities knowing very well that Moslems do not preserve their dead in the Mortuary for months or years.

Why am I not surprised, because it is this same man who was very proud to exhibit a Moslem at a nation's address in parliament as someone he sponsored to rear pigs knowing very well that Moslems do not eat pork or rear pigs.

The same Mr. John Mahama, his party NDC and their General Secretary not long ago openly disclosed that choosing a Moslem as a running mate to a Presidential Candidate is inferior so, it is not surprising at all to note that no Moslem has ever been their Vice President ever since they occupied the governance of Ghana.

The NDC party headed by Candidate John Mahama is promising to build mortuaries across all Zongo communities. While the current NPP government is sponsoring men and women from the Zongo communities to study medicine abroad, building ultra-modern Astroturf in Zongo communities, making Arabic an optional subject in Ghana's educational curriculum, paying Arabic teachers, and adding them to Ghana's mainstream educational system, building schools, giving financial support and training to their artisans and traders among many, many many others. John Mahama, the Presidential Candidate of NDC who has been in power for eight years and exited recently, seeking to be elected again, is telling Ghanaians that after all these years he was in power the best he can offer our Moslems is an Okada and mortuaries.

Why am I not surprised, it is obvious the Okada that he supervised to be banned, once made legal will increase the death toll in our Zongo communities and thus the need for more Mortuaries. It is very sad that this is the best the NDC and Mr. Mahama can offer our brothers and sisters in the Zongo communities, based on which they should vote him back to power.

My question to Mr. John Mahama is this. Are mortuaries the most important need for our Zongo's?

What our Zongos need are education, jobs, a clean environment, proper community layout, financial support, properly constructed gutters, decent housing NOT MORTUARIES.

What our Zongos need is what is currently being done by the current government (NPP) led by H.E. Nana Addo by the Zongo Fund through the Inner Cities and Zongo Ministry.

Our Zongo communities need support while alive and now but not when dead. Mr. John Mahama, please don't force our brothers and sisters in the Zongo's to die and keep them in mortuaries.

Going into the 2020 elections, I can confidently say that, the current alternative or option (Mr. John Mahama), is lame, incompetent, scary, empty, uncompassionate, and disrespectful.