Open Letter To President Akufo-Addo Re: Nomination Of Next Mayor Of Accra

Your Excellency Mr. President,

It is with utmost humility and deference to Your Excellency that I attempt, as a child, to add my inaudible voice to the crucial matter of the nomination of the next Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

I am writing, on my knees, to appeal to you to re-nominate Hon. Mohammed Adjei Sowah as Mayor of Accra for another four years.

Mr. President, please I do not intend to arrogate to myself any ‘say’ on this crucial matter, neither do I seek to even remotely suggest anything to you on an issue that is apparently way above my reach and one that is reserved for your decision, by law. My only focus is to humbly appeal to a pro-youth President who has proven beyond doubt that you incorporate the views of the least in making the greatest decisions as you steer our dear nation Ghana to more glory, an attribute that has earned you the accolade, ‘Listening President’.

Mr. President, all members of our NPP family, especially in Greater Accra will attest to the positive attributes of all shortlisted potential nominees for Mayor of Accra. None of the three Honourables is a stranger to NPP nor lacks the wisdom and foresight to lead AMA. Certainly, they are all made of enviable stock, each with a track record of excellence in private and public life alike. I am sure that all three potential nominees will stand the test of party credibility, but it is clear that Hon Adjei Sowah would stand tall.

To me Hon Adjei Sowah remains the preferred choice of the teeming youth of the three constituencies that make up AMA. Indeed, he is a down-to-earth gentleman who is loved by many people from all walks of life in Greater Accra, a visible and vocal representative of the junior members of our party in the region, footsoldiers. Re-nominating Hon Adjei Sowah would further be emblematic of your Excellency’s prioritizing the interest of the youth in a very strategic way.

Mr. President, I would be lying if I said I had any idea of what factors you will consider in making this decision, but I can say this; you got it right in your first term when you nominated Hon. Adjei Sowah. As a dynamic servant-leader, he has managed to steer the AMA through the transition that characterised the carving out of new Municipal Assemblies.

As a former Regional Monitor for NABCO with responsibility for AMA and others, I can say without equivocation that the support Mayor gave the new initiative and the ready help that he was in time of need helped to solidify the initial implementation of the then-new scheme, and empowered us to overcome the challenges that beset us at my level. The NABCO Regional Coordinator for Greater Accra, Alhaji Mohammed Baba Darrison will bear me out on this.

Mayor is also the Patron of the Greater Accra Regional Communications Team, a group he has held intact and nurtured from his days as Regional Secretary.

Mr. President, please consider that we the youth love Hon Adjei Sowah very much. Your Excellency, Mayor is a great inspiration for the youth of our party, and it would be a great legacy to allow him to continue to hold the base of our party together.

Personally, I have benefitted immensely from his support, albeit with the recommendation of my Boss, Lawyer Jerry Ahmed Shaib, the man every youth in our party calls his or her ‘Paddy’ due to his unfailing generosity, magnetic charisma, and forthrightness with everyone.

Mr. President, please your nomination of Hon Adjei Sowah as Mayor set us moving in the right direction. I humbly pray you, Your Excellency, to help us to continue moving in the right direction. To me, that simply means having Hon Adjei Sowah as Mayor in your second term.

This is my opinion, one I am confident resonates with and represents the sentiments of many of my compatriots. As I said, I have no say but I pray that my missive will find favour with you for the benefit and development of our great party and country.

Mr. President, also I consider it prudent to highlight Hon Adjei Sowah's good standing internationally especially in climate, inclusiveness and road safety among others. These diplomatic engagement have helped to put Accra on a certain pedestal in international development circles. Adjei Sowah has truly demonstrated his ability to set and execute an agenda for future sustainable growth of AMA. I am particularly impressed by his deliberate promotion and protection of local economies and dynamics.

Mr. President, please maintain Adjei Sowah.

Thank you and may God continue to bless you Mr. President and Ghana and make us great and strong!

True blue patriot