Dr. Dickson Kissi Writes To His Constituents

Ga Central have been through triumphs and trials. The failed attempt to confirm our President’s nominee disturbed us last week.

A few unpleasant words and alleged violent acts of some people overshadowed the peaceful acts of many. The behavior tarnished the shining values we stand for.

This is not who we are. While we should be celebrating the beauty of our current government we are caught up in sabotage. We refuse to be intimidated by those who seek to destroy our peaceful constituency.

We have to redouble our commitment to a peaceful and progressive constituency. The pandemic also reminds us that in troubled times we ought to choose compassion over conflict. Humanity over hostility.

The choices start with each one of us, individually, in our hearts. Let us remember the innumerable acts of kindness displayed by both past and present leadership of constituency.

From the beginning, my goal as MP has been to make our place where we can all have the opportunity to thrive and work together. We all have a role to play in protecting lives and our development. It is a shared responsibility by all of us.

Like a Tsunami the election activity was damaging and unpalatable. We will adapt, be ever more determined and resilient. We have a strong leadership available and ready to serve. Many opportunities lie in troubled times. Let’s keep our heads up high.

Dr. Dickson Adomako Kissi, MP Anyaa Sowutuom.