Pakistan Plane Crash Miracle: Where The Two(2) Survivors Were Seated Revealed

A passenger list from the doomed Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 has revealed where the two survivors were sitting when the aircraft plowed into a residential neighbourhood in Karachi.  

Nineteen of the 97 bodies recovered from the wreckage have been identified and were collected by loved ones for funeral prayers this morning. 

Two men survived the devastating crash - President of the Bank of Punjab, Zafar Masud, was sitting in seat 1C, and was filmed being pulled alive from the smoking wreck.

The second survivor, engineer Mohammad Zubair, 24, who was sitting in seat 10C, spoke from his hospital bed in a video clip circulated on social media.  'After it hit and I regained conciousness, I saw fire everywhere and no one was visible,' Zubair said.