Horror S3x Attack: Woman Raped For 40 Minutes On A Train - As Passengers Film But Did Not Help

PASSENGERS held up their phones to film a 40-minute horror sex attack on a commuter train - but didn't call 911, cops say. Shocked police chiefs said the victim's ordeal could have ended sooner and it was "disturbing" that no one tried to help her in suburban Philadelphia.Fiston Ngoy, 35, who has been charged with rape, has a previous sex offense conviction and should have been deported back to Congo years ago, it was claimed last night.

Police said he went to sit next to the victim after boarding the El train at the same stop in northeast Philadelphia last Wednesday evening.

The train passed more than 20 stations as he harassed and groped her while she tried to fend him off, it is alleged.

Eventually he ripped off her clothes and raped her, police said.