Back Political Ambitions With Business Ideas - TESCON Told

Founder of Cleverlines Limited, Mr. Stephen Asiedu has advised the Tertiary Students Confederacy Network [TESCON] of the New Patriotic Party to back their political ambitions with business ideas to help them survive.

“Get entrepreneurial skills, gain practical experience, don’t just focus on what you are taught in the classroom, and let your friends know the skill you have so that even in school you can make money. It is not a bad thing to love politics but remember that whether politics or no politics one must survive and that is having a skill”, he reiterated.

Mr. Stephen Asiedu was speaking to TESCON executives in the Eastern Region at the Koforidua Technical University under the theme; Re-energizing, retooling and repositioning TESCON for victory 2020 and beyond.

He told the students that being successful in life is not solely dependent on the number of certificates one has but the ability to work hard and grab any opportunity that comes their way.

“Don’t only focus on acquiring certificates and getting better grades but also try to acquire skills that will help in solving societal problems. You are not here only to acquire a certificate. You are here for your mind to be trained to think, to analyze and to solve problems”, he added.

He said some of world’s richest people do not have the certificates to boast with but was quick to add that he did not mean school certificates are not important but rather students should go beyond the certificates by acquiring practical skills and knowledge that will be beneficial to one’s self and the society as a whole.

He said one key way to succeed as an entrepreneur is to always have a plan and not just any plan but a plan that is always solving societal problems.