We Are Focused On Taking Zongo Youth Back To School - ZDF Board Chairman

Real Admiral Muniru Tahiru (Rtd), Board Chairman, Zongo Development Fund Board has said one of the key things the Ministry of Inner Cities and Zongo Development has been focusing on is education in the Zongo communities.

According to him, this is to ensure that most Zongo youth go back to school as most of them are lagging in terms of education.

Speaking in an interview with Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, the Board Chairman said, “People in the Zongos have every hope that the time has come, and now they are also going to be counted and brought on board. And they ask what have you set in place for us. What I tell them is that if one reads the Zongo acts, the key is about education. Because we in the Zongo seem to be the ones that have been left behind for one reason or the other but it doesn’t have to stay that way. So if one looks at the journeys we have embarked on, it is on schools.”

Government, as part of the efforts to develop Zongo communities, set up the Zongo Development Fund (ZoDF) with seed funding of GHc 219.5 million.

The Fund seeks to support the provision of critical infrastructure in education and training, health and sanitation, local businesses and centres of culture, as well as improve security in the Zongo communities.

Meanwhile, Real Admiral Muniru Tahiru (Rtd) has said the fund is not limited to only Muslims in the communities but to all who find themselves in the Zongo communities.

“The Zongo community fund is open for all those to live in Zongo. We want those outsides to also benefit irrespective of their religion.” He said on the “What is Next” show.