Law Students Hit The Street To Demonstrate

Some aggrieved law students who were denied entry into the Ghana School of Law after failing the entrance exams have converged at the Black Stars Square in Accra to register their displeasure.

A total of 499 law students failed the entrance exams; hence are demanding reforms in the country’s legal education.

The demonstrators, clad in red and black, said the illegality in legal education is killing the dreams of the teeming youth.

They also called on the General Legal Council to admit the 499 students who failed the entrance exams.

Some of the placards they wielded had the inscription, "Illegality in legal education is killing the dream of the youth. Admit 499 now!"

Others read, "GLC is not above the law," "We did not fail. We are just being frustrated," "Open up legal education," among others.

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