Appiatse Explosion Happened Over 30 Minutes After Collision - Eye Witness

After colliding with the motorcycle, it took more than 30 minutes for the truck carrying the mining explosives to explode, a survivor of the gory incident has said.

According to madam Grace Morgan, who was present at the time of the incident, the driver was nowhere to be found after the incident.

“I came to the roadside to do mobile money. I saw the truck knock the motorcycle and the rider went under it. I saw the truck stop and it started catching fire.

“I realized that it could explode so I went home for my store keys to take the gas cylinder and other things that I believed could catch fire easily and from the store and sent them home”

She continued her narration and said “some boys around made an attempt to quench the fire and I even told them to use soap solution. I went to look for washing powder in my store to do the soap solution for them but I could not get some. I then decided to go home again to look for a washing powder. I was on my way when the tanker exploded”,
“So, it lasted for more than 30 minutes before the explosion happened, she added.

“I had a store along the roadside. I was by the roadside when the incident happened, but to see people die but I did not, is a miracle. I thank God”, she said.

Madam Morgan who is three months pregnant had a metal stuck in her thigh and successfully underwent surgery for it to be removed.

She was in a stable condition and responding to treatment when the GNA visited her at the Apinnto government hospital at Tarkwa.