Divaloper CEO To Africans: We Have So Much Potential The World Needs

Zulaiha Dobia Abdallah, the founder and CEO of Divaloper, has challenged Africans throughout the world to focus and strive for quality education for a better future.

Speaking at the third APRM Youth Symposium under the theme: [email protected]: Reposition the youth agenda for a transformative continent,” she said: “I always believe that everybody has a skill that’s supposed to be taught and we do not want to localise it where only people in Ghana can access that education.”

“So, we are going to open the tentacles for people outside Ghana and hopefully in the worldwide market where somebody in Ghana can teach somebody in Uganda something that they know about the Ghanaian culture or something in education,” she said.

Abdallah added: “And also to spread quality education because there’s one thing that we know, that is the focus or the aim for everybody to go for quality education. You can go to school but if you don’t have quality education that means that you are just wasting your years, and you will come out and you will not add any value to the universe.”

Abdallah said Africans can maximise their potentials.

“There’s one thing that I know also in Africa is that we have a lot of potential and its time for us to actually expand and show the world that we have so much potential.

“We have so much resources that the world needs currently and so we need to add ICT, and quality education to actually push this narrative so that people can actually start respecting us for the people that we are,” she said.

The objective of the symposium was to empower the youth in governance, leadership and development.