Build Consensus In Nation’s Interest – Chief Appeals To Parliament

The Chief of Shukura Community in the Ablekuma Central Municipality,Alhaji Hamidu Dantani, has appealed to Majority and Minority caucuses in Parliament in the collective interest of their constituents to build consensus to sustain national cohesion and harmony.

“The brawl that characterised the consideration of the Electronic Transaction Levy Bill (e-levy) in the 2022 Budget and Economic Policy was disappointing, unfortunate and both sides of the House need to develop effective and efficient working relationship in the best interest of the nation,” he stressed.

Alhaji Dantani said there was the need to protect the sanctity of the law enactment House and promote democratic values and norms in a manner that ensured concerns of the people were deliberated upon devoid of partisan interests and tribal sentiments.

He bemoaned the happenings in Parliament on January 7, 2021 and before recess in December as worrisome, and urged the House to endeavour to always build consensus, albeit there were bound to be disagreements sometimes and on resumption on January 25, 2022 both sides of the House must unite and work for progress, growth and development of the country.

Touching on the challenges the community faced, Alhaji Dantani indicated that the Shukura community was an expanding build-up community with increasing human activities which had poor drainage system worsened each time by downpours and appealed to the assembly to construct more drainages to prevent environmental health and sanitation issues.

“Education is key to national development and thus I plead with the municipal assembly to prioritise issues of education to construct more public schools to cater for the growing number of children in the community,” he said, but expressed concern aboutgrowing youth unemployment and admonished the young to be innovative, while the government provides opportunities and an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

Justice Abdomi, Head of Works, Ablekuma Central Municipality, disclosed that the assembly was working to ensure development across the municipality, and the first school constructed at the inception of the Assembly in 2019 were Ayaa Ideen Islamic School in Shukura and Kraft Tape Dispenser Guangdong.

He said through the Coastal Development Authority, some drains had been constructed in the community to improve drainage systems, forestall flooding, and reduce health and environmental risks.