Amenfi Central NDC In Turmoil?

There is seeming confusion in the Amenfi Central Constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Western Region following the suspension of the Constituency Chairman and some other executives by the National Executives of the party.

Some branch executives of the party have therefore slammed the national executives for suspending their Constituency Chairman and the other executives for no apparent reasons.

They are therefore up-in-arms against Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, the General Secretary, in particular, for authoring the suspension letter.

The NDC somewhere last week suspended some of the party’s constituency executives in the Amenfi Central Constituency for alleged anti-party behavior.

The party also summoned the incumbent NDC MP for Amenfi Central, Peter Yaw Kwakye-Ackah, to appear before the Discipline Committee of the party.

Even though the party did not give any reason for the decision, it is rumored that some of the executives were behind the filing of a motion at the Sekondi High to restrain the NDC Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for Amenfi Central, Joana Cudjoe Gyan from holding herself out as the duly elected NDC candidate.

However, during a news conference over the weekend, some party branch executives expressed confusion over why the constituency executives had been suspended.

They have therefore vowed not to campaign for the party to retain the seat in the upcoming parliamentary election.

“We are assuring the national party executives that if they do not immediately reinstate the suspended constituency chairman and the other executives, the NDC will lose the Amenfi Central seat come December 7,” they vowed.

Ernest Ofori, NDC Branch Secretary at Wassa Ayinabrim in the constituency, expressed dissatisfaction that the national executives did not provide grounds for the suspension of the Amenfi Central NDC constituency executives.

He told journalists,”In fact we did not know what the suspended executives had done. So we are calling on our flagbearer, John Mahama, to intervene, otherwise, the national executives would have to come here and campaign to retain the seat.”

He indicated that since 1992, the NDC has been winning the seat but doubted that the party could retain the seat on December 7 this year because of the current happenings.

He noted that the branch executives had also resolved to leave the party with the suspended executives if the flagbearer did not intervene immediately.

Another party activist who claimed he is a founding member of the party in the constituency and popularly referred to as ‘Comrade I.K’ lambasted the national executives for their decision to suspend the constituency executives.

According to him, the national executives, for some time now, have not been able to give the requisite resources for effective campaigns in the constituency.

“It is these hard working constituency executives who have been pulling their resources together to ensure the party operates effectively in this constituency,” he asserted.