Eugene Arhin Fully Funded the Pavement of Bawjiase Lorry Park Project - District Assembly Shames NDC

The Awutu Senya District Assembly has firmly refuted claims made by Mr. Cassius Otto Larbie, the Awutu Senya West Constituency Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), regarding the funding of the Bawjiase Lorry Park pavement project.

In a statement released on June 6, 2024, NDC’s Mr. Otoo Larbie alleged that the District Co-ordinating Director (DCD) announced an imminent contract award for the project funded by the Assembly's internally generated funds (IGF).

The Assembly clarified that, according to Local Government Service policies, all development projects must be meticulously planned, fully costed, and included in the Assembly’s Annual Action Plan, Medium-Term Development Plan (MTDP), Annual Composite Budget, and Procurement Plan.

The pavement of the Bawjiase Lorry Park is not included in any of these documents, which are public records.

“The Coordinating Director NEVER made such a pronouncement anywhere. The claim is a false misrepresentation and appears to be a terrible attempt to drag our hardworking staff into the arena of politics”,  Mr. Ernest Panyin Koomson, the Public Relations Officer of the Assembly, stated.

He emphasized that the project is not funded by the Assembly's IGF or the District Assembly’s Common Fund (DACF), the primary funding sources for planned projects and programmes.

The Assembly underscored that the pavement project is fully funded by Mr. Eugene Arhin and not by the Assembly's resources.

They acknowledged the role of collaborative governance, where state agencies partner with non-profits, benevolent individuals, and natives of Awutu-Senya to deliver public services.

Projects financed by individuals, like the Bawjiase Lorry Park, must serve a public good.

The Assembly also addressed allegations that the DCD avoided the sod-cutting ceremony for the lorry park pavement to avoid offending Mr. Arhin.

They clarified that the DCD was chairing a Stakeholders Meeting from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm on the day of the ceremony, making the claim baseless and fabricated.

“Public servants are like umpires and must remain neutral, professional, and non-partisan in the discharge of their works”, Mr. Koomson added.

The Assembly called for an end to the spread of misinformation and politically motivated attacks, as these actions hinder the district's development efforts.

The Assembly urged the public to disregard the misleading information and trust in the transparency and professionalism of its staff whose primary goal is to foster development within the district.

For further information, Mr. Ernest Panyin Koomson, Public Relations Officer, can be contacted at 0246297261.