You Want Kwadee To Die & Claim 'Nsawa' - Appietus Blasts Family

Music Producer, Appietus is outraged over the behaviour of the family of embattled musician Kwadee.

A photo of Kwadee looking emaciated recently popped up and following the circulation of the picture on social media, musician turned Pastor, Lord Kenya took upon himself to assist his brother by sending Kwadee to a rehab center.

He together with some philanthropists also pledged to bear all costs to ensure the musician fully recovers from his mental instability.

But Kwadee's family has threatened to sue Lord Kenya stressing he didn't seek their permission before offering to help the musician and, in a writ, Counsel for the family issued a warning to him to halt his good samaritan activities or risk being charged for damages in the court of law.

Lord Kenya expressed resentments over the character of the family and asked the general public to be the best judges.

Speaking to the issue on Okay FM's ''Best Entertainment'', Appietus questioned the family's logic to sue Lord Kenya for trying to help Kwadee.

''He (Lord Kenya) didn't hide him (Kwadee) in his room or put him in chains. He sent him to the Professionals to help him. So, what's his crime?'' he asked.

He wondered what kind of family would resist a generous act for a troubled relative.

''Do they want us to wait for Kwadee to die and contribute for his funeral? Or do they want his nsawa (funeral donation)? If it is money they want, they should tell us. We can give them the money now for Kwadee to stay alive'', he stated.

Video below: