‘My Name Is Not Uche Jumbo’ – Actress Lectures Fans On Correct Spelling Of Her Name (Video)

Actress Uche Jombo, obviously fed up with the way a lot of her fans and even journalists, both mainstream and bloggers misspell and mention her name, has come out to ‘set the record straight.’

The Abia state-born actress who has been in the industry for almost two decades recently shared a video to help people put the anomaly associated with her name to bed once and for all.

She noted that the correct spelling of her name “Uche Jombo” and not “Uche Jumbo”

Uche went on to say that some of her fans made mistakes with her name, thinking it’s a nickname. She further warned that she’s not going to tolerate any mistake concerning her name henceforth.

Watch the video she shared on Instagram to that effect;




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