‘Marriage Is Still A Beautiful Thing’ – Divorced Actor Nedu Says

Nollywood actor and media personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, popularly known as Nedu has cautioned singles to avoid falling for the lie propagated on social media that marriages are no longer successful.

The actor urged people not to be deceived by the negative portrayal of marriage on social media by reminding them that it did not accurately reflect the real potential and success of marriage.

Nedu, who was in a contentious divorce last year and accused his ex-wife of adultery and paternity fraud held that people who have failed in their marriages tend to speak out the loudest and that many people in successful marriages would like to keep their relationship private.

Nedu's activism was motivated by Teddy A, a guest on the recent episode of his audiovisual podcast ‘The Honest Bunch’ who shared his happy love story with his wife and reiterated his belief that marriages still functioned in modern society.

“This is me telling you guys that marriage works. Don’t be deceived by what you see on social media. On social media, the voice of the ones that don’t work is the loudest. The many that work, they want to keep it private because na wetin person know na e he dey spoil.”

He emphasised that many happy marriages exist, but that they are not publicised because of individual preference.