Who Has the Highest Score in T20 Women’s Cricket?

The world of women's T20 cricket has been nothing short of a revelation, with performances so phenomenal they almost make you suspect some kind of sorcery is at play. High scores, once thought as improbable as a quiet cricket commentator, have not only become the norm but have turned into milestones that redefine what 'excellence' in the sport really means. 

The sudden bursts of record-shattering games might even leave sports bettors scrambling to update their strategies, wagering at Gullybet on whether the next game will see another boundary-smashing spectacle. 

In this whirlwind 20-over format, athletes have been pushing boundaries, breaking records, and probably causing a lot of scorekeepers to consider early retirement. The evolution is so stark that one might wonder if the bats have been swapped for rocket launchers.

The Breakthrough Record

One of the most staggering records in women's T20 international cricket was set by Argentina’s Lucia Taylor, who scored 169 runs from 84 balls in a match against Chile in October 2023. This game played in Buenos Aires, not only showcased Taylor’s extraordinary skill but also helped Argentina post a mammoth score of 427/1, the highest team score in the history of women's T20 cricket​​.


With each over, it seemed as if Taylor might have mistaken the cricket pitch for a golf course, aiming for distance rather than precision. This exceptional innings not only placed Taylor at the top of individual scoring records but also marked a momentous occasion in the annals of the sport. 

The atmosphere in Buenos Aires was electric, with fans witnessing what could only be described as a cricketing marvel, pushing the boundaries of what seemed achievable in the T20 format. One might almost believe she had a personal vendetta against the boundary ropes and the scoreboard.

Raising the Bar

Lucia Taylor's remarkable innings surpassed the previous record set by Deepika Rasangika of Bahrain, who scored 161 runs undefeated against Saudi Arabia in women's T20 internationals. The fact that Bahrain reached a record total in a historic match that included this landmark inning is evidence of how competitive and skilled women's T20 cricket has become.

Milestones in Rasangika's innings:

  • Early Overs: Rapid scoring, setting the pace for a big total.

  • Middle Overs: Steady accumulation, keeping the pressure on the opposition.

  • Final Overs: Fierce hitting to maximize the score in the last few overs.

Deepika Rasangka’s performance not only shattered previous records but also showcased the evolving strategies and heightened abilities in women’s cricket. It set a benchmark that inspired others, pushing players to new heights and making cricket enthusiasts rethink the limitations previously associated with women's scoring in the T20 format. 

As she dispatched balls over the boundary, one could almost imagine her thinking, “Well, why not set a standard so high, it's a challenge just to see it, let alone reach it?” Her innings, filled with powerful shots and tactical nous, proved that the bar in women’s cricket was not just being raised but was being launched into a new orbit, as if saying to future batsmen, "Beat this!"

Consistency and Performance

Among other remarkable performances, Alyssa Healy of Australia stands out with her unbeaten 148 runs against Sri Lanka in 2019. Healy's explosive batting not only propelled Australia to a commanding victory but also underlined her status as one of the top players in women’s cricket​.

Highlights of Healy's innings:

  • Fast Start: Healy wasted no time, attacking from the onset to destabilize the bowling lineup.

  • Middle Innings Mastery: Continued dominance through the middle overs, mixing aggressive batting with smart cricket.

  • Finisher's Flair: Closed her innings with a spectacular array of shots, ensuring a top-tier total for her team.

Healy’s performance was not just about the runs; it was a masterclass in how to dominate a T20 game from start to finish. Her ability to maintain intensity and focus throughout her innings makes her innings a textbook example for aspiring cricketers. 

With every boundary, Healy seemed to be not just scoring runs but making a statement that greatness in cricket isn't just about talent, but also about consistency and the ability to perform under pressure.

The Global Stage

These records are not just numbers but a testament to the growing appeal and competitive nature of women's cricket globally. The sport has seen significant growth, with more countries participating and investing in women's cricket, leading to more frequent and fierce international competitions​​.

It’s almost as if the cricket world suddenly realized that women can play too, and play spectacularly at that. Amid this rising popularity, the betting markets at Gullybet have caught on as well, with more options popping up for those inclined to wager on these matches.

Each monumental inning serves not just as a score but as a statement, screaming that women's cricket is here, not just to participate but to dominate and reshape what the global stage of cricket looks like.

The evolution of women's T20 cricket is a tale of shattering records and dazzling performances, underscoring the sport's remarkable growth. These achievements highlight an expanding talent pool and a surge in global enthusiasm for women's cricket. 

Each game isn't just about scoring runs; it's about elevating the sport, challenging the status quo, and inspiring new players. With every record broken, women's cricket boldly declares its ambition not just to compete but to dominate and innovate.